Name: Fam
Appearance: Fam & Ihrlie
Creator: Tanaka Kunihiko
Type: Humanoid (maybe)
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy
Personal Data: Fam forms together with her companion Iri an adventurer duo on continous treasure hunt. She is a mage with a speciality on day-to-day magic like creating light and healing wounds. Although she is capable of invoking destructive spells she seldom uses them.
She is friendly and a bit innocent (naive?). She has a crush on Prince Lyle what brings her in constant quarrel with Rasha, a mage of a competing treasure hunter duo.
Note: It's not 100% sure that she is a catgirl, for her seiyuu described Fam as a cross between an elf and a squirrel.
More Info: Fam & Ihrlie - Ruin Explorers

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