Kizna Towryk

Name: Kizna Towryk
Appearence: Candidate For Goddess (aka Pilot Candidate)
Creator: Sugiaki Yukiru
Type: Human
Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure, Comedy
Personal Data: Kizna is repairer candidate for the Goddess trainer, Pro Ing # 88, and is the partner of pilot candidate Rei "Zero" Enna. She is virtually a female version of Zero. He's stubborn and insensitive, and she's stubborn and very sensitive about her ears. She lost her hearing in an accident as a child and now hears with a pair of cat ears Though she lacked the qualifications, she wanted to be a pilot herself, and is very good at her job of repairing the Pro Ing which she often sings to. She is outspoken, especially with Zero when she needs to keep him in line, and usually has a sweet disposition, as well as a sweet tooth, and loves desserts.

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